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Friday, September 21, 2012

Squueeeeeeee!!! Knitting Retreat!

For years, I have read about the various knitting retreats on Stephanie's blog and dreamt about going. I was always too busy, or I couldn't really afford it, or it was too far away, or...something. Then last year, when I was more determined to go despite how far it might be, and more able to handle the cost, I couldn't go because I was first pregnant and then getting to know my baby daughter. But this year...THIS year it was possible. And so when I saw Stephanie post about Knot Hysteria in November, and read about how lovely the whole thing sounded (location, theme, classes, people, etc), I jumped on it...hoping that it wasn't already booked up (I know they are popular). And...

I made it! I am in! I am going on the retreat! Three amazing days of knitting-related classes! One whole day of knitting, another whole day of dyeing (oooooooo), and another whole day of spinning (gonna seriously have to practice this...only JUST got started on this...still producing sheep dreadlocks and I know what plying is). Plus (hopefully) lots of knit time on the flight there and back, while en route to/from the resort in the vanpool, and in the evenings. I am super excited. Oh, and I TALKED TO STEPHANIE ON THE PHONE!! Okay, Okay...I know, she is just a normal person like everyone else (well, like most people...not everyone is normal), and she is a very down-to-earth person. But for some reason I am a little in awe of her...the wonderful things she can knit, how fast she does it, how much I love her writing...and having read her blog for so many years and feeling like I sort of almost know her...for some reason, all that of that combines into a feeling of amazement that I finally spoke to her in person. And will get to meet her at the retreat and actually take one of her classes! Actually, I'll get to meet her in Rhinebeck hopefully, but I am sure it will just be a quick thing there. And now I feel like I am being a silly fan...hope she doesn't think I am some crazy person. Eeep.

Anyway, really excited. Just need to practice more spinning and actually learn plying, so I am not totally embarrassed. Yay!

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