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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Today is Special...silly me...

Today is a special day. Of course, I had known it was a special day for years and years. At least, I thought so. You see, today is my sister Michelle's birthday. Hence special. But silly me, I am apparently wrong. Today is not special because it's her birthday. Apparently today is...

(wait for it)

...Judgement Day!
That's right. Apparently today is the day that all humans are judged and the good and righteous experience The Rapture and enter heaven, while the poor souls that are found wanting are left behind to suffer as the world is destroyed.
WOW. You would have thought that something so big would be a lot more advertised. You know...that I wouldn't be finding out about it just today. I mean, I know I can sometimes be clueless about what is currently going on in the world, but something like the end of the world happening is not something that just slips by you.

Well, not sure what I should do about this. I don't even know what time the whole judgement thing is supposed to happen. I guess if I only have a few more hours to go, I should do something I really knitting. So yeah, I guess I just got permission from the universe to spend the day knitting. Oh, and wishing my sister a very HAPPY (non-judgemental) BIRTHDAY!


(p.s. See you all tomorrow)

Monday, May 16, 2011

Mad Crafting Skills

Check it out. For about $35 online you can buy a Bebe au Lait Nursing cover, to discreetly cover yourself while breastfeeding without having to struggle with a blanket that could be pulled off by a squirming baby, and while looking stylish.
Looks like this:

OR, for the cost of the fabric (free if you already have some, as I did for one of them...$3.99 for the other) and a few small materials, and about one hour's time, you could totally make one yourself:

Or two (for when the first gets spit-up on):

Crafty, no? But I didn't stop there. For $10, you can buy a boppy cover to go on your boppy pillow. Like one of these:

Or again, get crafty, and for a small cost of fabric, a zipper, and maybe thread, make one yourself. Shazam!

Kind of pleased with myself, if you can't tell. Oh yeah! (to sort of quote Space Ghost: "How'd you get so crafty?" "Look how craft' I be!"). For probably about $22 I made three items that would have cost $80 total.

Okay, sewing projects done. Back to knitting. (bet you want to know what the brown and tan thing is going to be still).

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Can you say Idiot... and other random stuff

1. Yes. Can you say "idiot"? I certainly can. And apparently I am one. *sigh* a big, frickin idiot. I tempted fate and she saw fit to finally slap me in the face. Every morning I have been taking a sitz bath to aid with the postpartum healing. While doing this, I spend some of the 15 minutes doing stuff on my iPhone. Checking email, the weather, texting people, googling stuff, and reading blog posts. Yes...while in the tub. Yes, I know...electronics and water dont mix. But I was being careful. I had a towel on the edge of the tub for comfort and would lean both arms out over the edge of the tub, so that my hands, and hence the iPhone, were at least 6" away from the water. So if I DID drop it, it would land on the floor and NOT in the water. Smart. Right? *sigh*
Well, somehow I got careless this morning. Still had my arms over the edge, but apparently I got too close to the tub itself, because suddenly something tickled my side and I jerked to the one side to scratch at it, leaving just one hand holding my iPhone...and it slipped out of my hand. And landed on the tub edge. And bounced the wrong direction. Directly into the tub of water. Splash.

Naturally I freaked. I grabbed it pretty quick, figuring it would be dead, that there would be a black screen, that I would hear cracking or fizzing or something. All the time I was yelling for matt to come up with a completely panicked voice that had him thinking I had seriously hurt myself. Surprisingly, the only thing that noticeably happened was that my music (I was listening to my favorite songs) had stopped playing. Screen was fine. Still I attempted to dry it and then handed it off to matt as soon as he got there. He was quick to whisk it out of it's case and start blowing air into the various holes, as well as using a toothpick and tissues to soak up any water in those holes.
Anyway, long story short...the only problem seemed to be that the phone thought the headphones were plugged in, so it wouldnt play music out loud, it routed it to the headphone jack. So calls would have to be via speaker phone, and I would have to listen to music with headphones. But within an hour or so, it apparently dries out enough to start working again. I left it alone for a while, but eventually started using it again. And so far it seems to be working. I am not sure what kind of damage it might have sustained and I won't be surprised if it has issues at some point, or stops working. But I guess I can't complain too much given that right now it seems to be working fine. AFTER completely submerging it in water.

2. I love to knit and some of the projects I knit I love more than others. Fingerless gloves have been my favorite for a bit because they are simple and mostly quick and allow for lots of yummy colors while being a cozy thing to knit. And so very useful. But now I have found a project I adore even more. It's pretty simple (once I figured out what a few of the stitches were supposed to be), it has enough variety in the pattern to be interesting, and it's only 60 rows so it's not a long project and could totally be done in a weekend if you had a good amount of time to knit (and didn't have a newborn wanting attention most of it). It uses either sport or worsted weight yarn, with sport weight making it more delicate and lacey (which I totally loved). It's perfect for Spring knitting. And it's super cute.

It's a girly baby sweater, and I totally want to turn out tons of these. Isn't it so cute? Wouldn't Maia look awesome in it? I just need to add some buttons and loops to it so that it can stay closed (not part of the pattern but something I feel it needs) and then it is completely finished.

3. Instead of doing another baby sweater, I have moved on to a different project that has an actual deadline. Here it is, in the beginning phase. Can you tell what it is? *snicker snicker*

Go KNOW you want to say it. You are wrong, of course, but you want to say it. (when I am all done with the project, I'll show it again. But I couldn't resist showing this first part of it)

4. Mother nature can produce some beautiful stuff. Just a few days ago there was an amazing sun shower, and during that, mother nature decided to show off.

A very BRIGHT double rainbow. She's a good artist, eh? I was amazed at the brightness of the main arc, although these pictures do NOT do it justice at all. It was awesome to see live, and Liam got a kick out of it for sure. Heck, it was so bright maybe even Maia could see it (kidding, but it WAS bright).

5. If your husband offers to spray Round-Up on weeds for you, and you have told him which ones are the weeds and which are the plants that he needs to really should triple check to make sure he really knows which is which. You avoid him completely dousing your black-eyed susans with Round-Up and probably killing them thoroughly (I had him spray them off with a hose, but I am guessing the damage is already done. We'll see in a few days, I guess). Just saying...*sigh*

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Just wanted to wish all the Mothers out there a Happy Mother's Day. And post a few pictures from my Mother's Day.

First, here is one of me and my children. Wow. Makes me feel more like a mom, somehow, to see them there. Two of them. My children!

Second, my mother...
I am really annoyed that I didn't get one of my mom with us girls, or at least with me. I only have pictures of her holding Maia, and they aren't even the best ones of her. She is such an amazing woman, and a great mother...and I love her so much. I wish I had gotten pictures that do her more justice.
Here is is holding her granddaughter, Maia.

There are a few others, but they are pictures of Maia with my sisters, or Liam with them, so I think I am just going to post them on their respective journals. So please check out the two links on the right hand-side of this page, Liam's Journal and Maia's Journal, and see the Mother's Day pictures there.

Also, there are some great ones of me holding Maia that my brother-in-law Jay took, but I am waiting for him to email me. Hopefully he will do that in a day or so, so check back for pictures added to this post in a day or so.

(Note from 5/11 - more pictures were added to Maia's blog. Since I had already done another post here, and they were just pictures of Maia, I figured it was best to just put them there. So feel free to go over there to take a look.)

Monday, May 2, 2011

Cute outfit, and polling results

(yes this is a duplicate of the post I just made on Maia's blog).
I finally got a chance to clean some of the new girly clothes that Maia got, and was able to dress her in one of the outfits. Family members have been asking me to put her in some of them and take pictures, so after her bath today I finally was able to oblige. This outfit was just given to us by my Grandmom, and I mainly chose it because it was a two piece and fit the best. And yeah, I am starting to become a pink lover. I mean, I don't want to go overboard, I want tasteful pink, but...I AM liking it more now. She is pretty darn cute in her little pink outfit...thanks Grandmom.

Once Maia's cord stump falls off, I will be able to put her in more of the other outfits, which are one-piece outfits. For now, the separates are easier.

Also, I wanted to acknowledge the birth polling results, both for gender and for stats.
Gender/Stats Predictions
First, we DID finally open the envelope in my wardrobe, with the prediction from the ultrasound taken at the halfway point. The ultrasound picture wasn't something we would have figured out, but it DID say "GIRL" on it, so they were right! Thanks Colleen for reminding us to open that. And congrats to Mom, Michelle, Sandy, Jackie, Lisa, Sue K, Nigia, Suzie, and Jeremy, who guessed a girl (although some of them just wanted it to be a girl).

As for who was closest to Maia's birth time, that would have to be my grandmother, since she had the latest guess on there and Maia blew past all of them, by 27 hours almost. I DID go into labor early enough that Michelle was still in the running, but nature apparently want to even come close to giving her a chance. *sigh*
I was the closest in weight, since every single one of us guessed higher than what she was and mine was only as low as it was because I was HOPING for a smaller baby. I honestly thought she would be a bit heavier than Liam was (he was 7lbs 3oz) because she was several days late and Liam was a whole week early.
No one guessed her length dead on, but four people were close by a half-inch (Jackie, Jeremy, Kevin, Grandmom).

Thank you all for was fun.

Thank You!

It wanted to post this sooner, but I am still recovering from things and I am still a little dazed and tired and just...not all there mentally yet. There are a few people I wanted to thank, for helping me to get through no particular order. And hopefully it won't be too rambly or weird...I can't seem to think clearly today...lack of sleep is maybe catching up with me.

I want to thank Jodi, my doula, for putting up with all my calls during my multi-day labor, especially since she was dealing with another labor at the time, right after having come home from a long trip. And for showing me just how much strength I have. I held on for a very long time and didn't think it was possible for any human to endure that much pain for that long. And I truly believe that I could have held on a little longer if I was much further along in labor progression. As it was, I am proud of how much I did hold on. And if epidurals weren't an option, she probably could have gotten me through the rest of the labor, though I am half convinced I would have been unconscious by the end. :) But thank you, Jodi, for being there for me and getting me through that tough time, and for helping me through the pushing phase, which was starting to worry me.

I want to thank my mother, for being so supportive of me, for encouraging me to get through the difficult labor, but for also supporting me when I just couldn't make it anymore. For staying with me so darn long through the multi-day labor and not really getting any sleep. And for reading "The Secret Garden" to me through was really special and I can't wait for you to find time to come over again and finish reading meant that much to me. And brought back memories. And thanks for staying over our place for two nights after Maia was born, doing our laundry, cleaning our dishes, making food for me, taking care of Maia, and waking up for the overnight feedings so that Matt got somewhat of a break. Thank you for being such an amazing mother...most mothers are NOT that self-sacrificing and supportive and enduring. I hope I am even half as wonderful as that when my children have their own.

And a HUGE thank you to my unbelievable husband, Matthew. For being there for me. For enduring all those hours with me. For holding on to me during the hard contractions, for listening to me in such pain for so long, and for telling me I could do it, that I was an amazing woman and could get through this fine. For straining all your muscles as well in the attempts to comfort me through the contractions, holding positions for hours to make things more bearable for me. For being supportive of me when I just couldn't make it anymore and needed to have medical pain relief. For announcing to me whether we had given birth to a Maia or an Oliver...and for just being you. I am sorry it was so darn hard on you as well...wish it could have gone better, for both of us...but in the end we have a beautiful baby girl, one that I pushed out naturally instead of having another cesarean, one that I could hold and feed within a few minutes of birth. You are an amazing dad and husband and I am so GLAD I found you.

And even though they will never read this, a thank you to the staff at Virtua that made this non-cesarean birth possible. Thank you to Dr. Richman for helping Maia into the world...I never would have planned for a forceps delivery, but apparently it was necessary and apparently most other doctors probably wouldn't have attempted it and would have gone for the cesarean. So thank you!