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Friday, November 25, 2011

Tree pickin'

Well we went out shopping on Black Friday. No no no, not to a store...we aren't THAT crazy. We followed our usual tradition of going to the local tree farm and picking out/tagging the tree we want. We will go back in a week or two to cut it down and put it up in our home.

Here is Maia in her "tanooki suit", waiting to go to the tree farm.

This is Liam's pick for a tree. I told him we needed something slightly bigger.

And here is Maia looking all cozy, starting at the trees.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Pictures from the day. Sorry, don't actually have any pictures of the food or us enjoying the meal. In fact, I think all of these pictures have Maia in them. Oops.

A friend of my sister brought her baby over, so we just had to get the two of them together. Sophia is 3.5 months, Maia just turned 5 months...and they look the same size, don't they.

And Maia desperately wanted to grab that flower off of Sophia's head...she kept making a grab for it. Heh.

Aunt Sandy hanging with Maia.

Ahhhh....after a good dinner of sweet potatoes, Maia is kicking it back with some football, in her pajamas.

And the family picture we finally remembered to take at the end of the day, which is why Maia is in her pajamas instead of nice clothes. And as we were taking these pictures, she promptly threw up. We actually have a few pictures of her spewing, but I figured no one would want to see that here, so I will spare you. It's on Facebook if you really want to see it.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

So darn busy

I am way behind on posting. Things have just been so busy (as they always are), and I never find time to post. And if I do, I don't tend to do it because I also usually have pictures I want to share and that takes time. But I am going to use the holiday weekend to try to get a few more things posted, mainly on the kids' blogs. Maia is now 7 months, so you need to check up on her pictures. And I should be posting more about Liam. There is just so much neat stuff going on with them every day, it's hard to just post every time it happens.
I also hope to post some pictures here of the stuff I have been knitting. But since some of them are intended as gifts and I never know who might actually be taking the time to read these posts (yeah I know, I am delusional...pretty much talking to myself most of the time), I want to hold off until after Christmas. But, I WILL post a picture here of Maia in the hat I whipped up for her really quick (you'll also see it on her blog). It's not my favorite project because it was so quick and rough (and I started it three times because the first two times my awesome idea had flaws and looked like crap), but Maia makes it look very cute.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Nature sure has been crazy lately. Beautiful, but crazy.

Here is some nature just two days before Halloween.

Yep, that's right. Snow. Snow a few days before Halloween. I don't think I remember having snow in October before.

And then just a few days later, the weather was lovely and I took a walk with Maia, and caught these lovely red trees. Those last two are looking up into the branches of the tree. Of course, the pictures don't do it justice. It was breathtaking.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween

Okay, I am really lates with this, but wanted to post pictures from our Halloween party. Yes, I cheated and back-dated this post. I've been busy. Heh.

.................... Captain Jack Sparrow

.................... Maia the Moogle

.................... Samurai

.................... Sally (from Nightmare Before Christmas)

.................... Old Man

.................... Mime

.................... Cat and Moogle

.......... Frontier Woman and Man in the Yellow Hat (from Curious George)

.................... General crowd (and Curious George)

.................... Robot

.................... Tron

.......... More general crowd (and a good shot of the family room)

.................... Ariel and Spiderman (wearing Ariel's hair)

I appologize to all those whose pictures I apparently didn't take. Somehow I am missing the entire Ramsdell family, and the Henderson family. I could have sworn I got pictures of everyone, but apparently not. So sorry.