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Friday, January 3, 2014

Birthday Wishes

Today is my birthday. I have completed 37 years of my life's journey and it's certainly been interesting. I wonder what this next year holds for me. I know I am surrounded by people who love me, friends and family. And they are all amazing to have around me. I have a house to live under, that's pretty nice despite the clutter and repairs (the usual stuff), and I have a job to go to that I actually enjoy (most of the time). I know how to knit (such a wonderful thing) and I have a great yarn shop near me so that I can drool over awesome yarn whenever I want. I am mostly healthy and have many avenues of exercise and well-being (yoga, martial arts, kickboxing, personal exercising, skating, massages).

I logged onto Facebook and found that I had 38 people who had wished me a Happy Birthday so far. I was amazed to see such a large number...I feel so loved.

And I had several people leave me cards/images.
My sister left me this "knitting" card.

My son drew me his own card, with the Tardis on the front. The Doctor and Rose are calling to each other.

The inside of the card has David Tenant and one of the Time Lords saying "I Love You", and a Tardis traveling in it's time vortex.

And the back has the sonic screwdriver being used.

Dawn and Greg gave me a card about bacon...can't go wrong with that. heh

I celebrated the earlier part of the day taking a walk outside with Maia, enjoying the beauty of the snowfall.

Maia and I played in the snow a bit.

And then later I snuggled with Liam, on his request. Very cozy.

In the evening I hung out with Darlene at Taylor Books and did some knitting, and then returned to Dawn's house for some awesome margherita pizza from Pies And Pints. And then there were some more gifts. Matt bought me this awesome pottery bowl that I had fallen in love with at Taylor Books.

And Liam and Dawn made me chocolate chip mint ice cream in Dawn's new ice cream maker, since I mentioned that was one of my favorite flavors currently.

Really, life is pretty good. Here's hoping it stays that way.

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