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Monday, April 16, 2012


Just a random post about my Sunday spent outdoors. This is what I was doing:
Let me explain. Those stones to the left were the border around the edge of this hosta "bed". But they were no longer all that visible, given that they had been sinking into the ground for at least 10 years (they were installed before we moved in). They were being covered by red gravel, dirt, and pesky grass/weeds. So I pulled out the entire border, and then placed plain old bricks into the border (you can see those on the right). And once that's complete, I will then place the stones on top of them and spread the red gravel up to the border to hide the bricks. I am hoping this will keep the stones from sinking as easily, and it will create a nice raised border (which will hopefully keep the red gravel out of the grass and the grass out of the gravel).

And for something much nicer, here are my moss Phlox! I LOVE this stuff and would like to have it all over the place. Not sure why I don't just go plant some more. heh. I think it's beautiful ground cover.

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