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Friday, September 17, 2010

Some milestones

Yesterday I hit two milestones in pregnancy (well, what I am calling milestones...just things that happen during pregnancy at some point).
First, I started wearing my maternity pants. Gave up trying to squeeze myself into pants that were hard to zipper up and button closed. So I got down the bag of pants (forgot I had so many of them), and threw on my favorite pair of corduroys. SO much better, comfy. And one more step to making it even more real (still a little bit a of a surprise, and surreal).

Second...a familiar feeling. I was sitting at my work desk, noticing a sensation that kept recurring. But I was distracted by work and so wasn't really thinking about it. I've been wondering when I would feel the baby flickering around in there, and so part of my brain kept straying to that. But that didn't make sense with the sensations I was feeling. I finally gave it some more thought. My lower belly was tightening, and then that tightness was kind of rolling down through my belly. Then it hit me. Braxton Hicks! I was having Braxton Hicks! 9w3d (9 weeks 3 days)? Um, isn't that WAY too early? I know I felt them early last time, but that was still at 17w2d. This is 8 weeks earlier than that. So I grew a little concerned and looked it up online...and was relieved. Apparently Braxton Hicks start up around about 6 weeks, but usually they aren't felt until past the halfway point in pregnancy, after 20 weeks. Some women don't feel them at all. Some feel them sooner. And SOME apparently do feel them as early as their second month, which I have just passed out of. So it's not uncommon to feel them this soon. And usually the second time around women apparently feel them a bit stronger. So it all jives. So, it's all okay. And I am feeling Braxton Hicks. Already. Wow! Now THAT makes it a lot more real. A familiar sensation from last time. Kind of neat. I still haven't felt the baby move and can't wait until that finally happens, but I probably have another month before that happens, even my second time around. I'll post when I notice.

YAY! Pregnant!

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