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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

New Life

In the course of 2 weeks I lost three family members. A very sad time, filled with regrets, heartache, and many tears. But in the midst of that sadness comes some happiness. Sometimes as one life ends, another begins. Somewhere in the midst of all this loss...I became pregnant.

Pregnant. I am pregnant again. New life is growing inside me. A miracle has occurred. And this time, it happened without a lot of effort, without a lot of fuss, without taking 2.5 years. Life just working as it is supposed to. And maybe helping to somewhat ease the pain of these last few months.

Pregnant. I still can't quite believe it. Even after seeing the little bright circle of growing life on the ultrasound, it seems a little unreal. But I'll take it...such an amazing surprise, right when it was needed most. Thank you.

My due date is April 18th. I am currently a little over 7 weeks along. I will be happy with either a boy or a girl and want to be surprised this time.
I'll try to attach my ticker somewhere on this journal and will post with updates and such.

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