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Friday, September 24, 2010

Goodbye Grandpop

As I sit here, with my mind still fresh from the other family losses less than two months ago, I am filled with even more sadness over this latest loss. My paternal Grandfather, Robert Ogbin, finally passed away at 5:00am this morning. He was 92 and had been in a nursing home for several years, suffering from Parkinson's and dementia. Even though it felt like he had gone a while ago, not really living in the present world, it still hurts that he's gone now. That they are all gone. That I've gone from four grandparents and a great grandparent to just one single maternal grandmother. The great/grandmothers were sudden, and the one was definitely time for goodbyes. The other two spent last year+ of their lives wasting away, not able to even really enjoy it the way they should be able to. It all seems so unfair, and a waste...and so I cry, cry over the unfairness of it all. The loss of four loved ones, in only two months. Makes me wonder why...why life does this? But I already know the doesn't DO just is. Stuff happens. Life doesn't do fairness or unfairness. You just need to live it while you can. So I am going to quote some words from a new Ozzy song that I am currently addicted to, and tell everyone to go live your life as much as you can, right now...

"Every second you throw away
Every minute of every day
Don't get caught in a myriad
Because life won't wait for you
No, life won't wait for you, my friend."
            - Ozzy Osbourne, "Life Won't Wait"

Sorry for the crappy picture, it's the best I can find right now.
From Sandy and Travis' wedding - he's in the wheel chair.

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