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Monday, October 11, 2010

Second Trimester

Today I am 13 weeks pregnant. Which means I am leaving the first trimester and entering my second trimester. Woo hoo, a third of the way there. Doesn't feel too much different. Well, I guess I have a bit more energy most of the time, and feel less icky during the day (though hunger in the evenings and early morning will still affect me...gotta keep eating). I am definitely getting rounder and look pregnant all the time now, not just in the evenings. Still have a ways to go, but I am in no rush. There is still too much that I want to get done around the house and in my life before I become immersed in babyhood again. *smile*

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  1. Just want you to know that I'm so looking forward to another grandchild! Can't wait to see him/her. I think it will be good for Liam to have a little brother or sister.
    Don't you just love the name Emma ! Like Emily also. And Joseph, and Daniel, and Raymond! ( just putting in my 2 cents )