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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Super Storm Sandy

Hurricane Sandy, also known as Super Storm Sandy, pounded the northeast coast of the US from Sunday afternoon through Tuesday morning. Sunday and Tuesday weren't too bad, but Monday was pretty crazy. I managed to make it into work in the morning on Monday despite the gusts and occasional rain, but by the afternoon the winds were really picking up and the rain was coming down harder. And at 2pm they closed my workplace (and let me tell you, it takes a very serious situation for my workplace to close down), so I headed home in the growing wind and rain.
And spent the rest of the evening listening to the wind gust at the house violently, dealing with the grill crashing over (we left it broadside in the wind screaming across the patio), wrestling with the pool cover which was flapping like a huge ungainly bird and threatening to take off, getting soaked in the process and also witness some big branches cracking off the half-dead tree in the corner of the yard and go flying into our neighbor's yard. I also discovered leaking in the attic when I went to check on the chimney, which is prone to leaking.

It was still leaking, and more than it had before. Wonderful.

And joy of joys, I discovered new leaking under the window vent. *sigh*

The rest of these pictures were taken on Tuesday, the day after the worst of the storm, when I was assessing the damage done.

The wind was so strong that it pushed the heavy solar cover from the corner of the patio (up against the house) to where you see it below. I am surprised the blue recycling bin stayed upright.

The back storm door was also caught by the wind and thrown open a few times before we managed to tie it closed. The grill being in that corner (after we had picked it up) probably saved the door from being flung open completely and ripped off it's hinges, but unfortunately the corner of the grill gouged a large hole in the screen.

Our biggest damage was the lattice panels we had put up in the corner of the yard to give the garden a nice backdrop and provide some privacy in the backyard. I didn't think this was such a big deal until I took a closer look and realized just how we had put them together.

 We hadn't yet gotten a chance to winterize and store the solar heater for the pool, and since only one end was tied down, it got pushed off it's platform in all the cross wind. The fence saved it from falling off completely.

 A rather large branch/side trunk, broke off the Bradford that hangs over our pool. Thankfully it didn't land on the pool...the wind blew it right into our neighbor's yard. Though I feel bad about that, considering there were already several other branches from our trees having been flung into their yard. And I like Bradfords, so it sucks that it took damage. (at the very least, it should have been the branch that hangs over the pool and drops the nuts in every year)

There were several other branches down in the yard, but they missed anything crucial.

On my way into work, I saw a lot of trees down. It was a bit hard to get good pictures, given that I was trying to drive.  There is one on the left in this picture.

More here to the left of the sign.

Another near the VFW.

But the largest was the one that crashed across Rancocas Road. I had to detour around it. These pictures are taken on the other side of the detour. You can see where it crashed over the person's fence on the left, and the fact that it's on TOP of the power lines (that double line coming down almost perpendicular to the telephone pole).

I also saw a lot of fence sections that had fallen off. I got this picture a little later, when the fence sections had been picked up already, but you can see how there are so many missing. That yard had been completely enclosed by fencing. Now it's wide open.

And then, when I finally got to work, there was a road closure just past my work entrance (there on the left), due to a dangerous low-hanging tree that was threatening to crash onto the road. Crazy.

And besides just causing physical damage, the storm has also managed to mess with Halloween. So much damage was caused, so many places are without power, etc...that Halloween has been postponed. Oh sure, there might be a few townships still holding Halloween tonight, the 31st. But most have moved Trick-or-Treating off until Friday, Saturday, or even Monday. In fact, Governor Chris Christie has released a mandate urging all townships to schedule Halloween for Monday and to definitely avoid any such celebration tonight. Most townships have complied with this. Mine moved Halloween to Saturday afternoon and has stuck with this. There is confusion all over, as townships are choosing different days and then changing them around more. And not everyone is probably getting the message. (though I didn't have any trick-or-treaters stopping by tonight) Regardless, Halloween isn't on Halloween. I can't recall that EVER happening. It's crazy. An entire holiday, uprooted and changed because of weather. *sigh* Mother nature can be a cranky bitch.

I have lived in New Jersey just about all of my life, so 30+ years. I don't recall ever having hurricanes make it up this far, at least ones that stayed strong enough to cause damage. Not until last year when Irene made landfall near us. And year later, a second hurricane makes landfall in the north...this time in New Jersey, in Atlantic City. So close to home. I wonder if we will experience one next year. I always felt safe from the hurricane season. The most it ever did was throw some annoying rain our way, with maybe some extra wind if it got closer. But I am not so sure that it going to be the case anymore. I don't believe it's the end of the world, as some say...but things are definitely changing climate-wise. *sigh*

Hope you and your loved ones came out safe in the aftermath of this storm.


  1. I am reading your blog and posting comments ;)

    Aleta from Knot Hysteria

  2. Heh..thanks. Check back on Thursday for pictures and such from the Retreat.