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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Yarn Tasting

Last night, I attended my first ever Yarn Tasting. And it was awesome!

For those unfamiliar with a yarn tasting, it is much like a wine tasting...but with yarn. You get many samples of yarn to knit with, in an effort to entice you to buy more of it. You knit little swatches with them and see how you like the feel of them. Definitely very enticing. Here are the samples that I got in my little fabric sachet.

This is a snapshot of our table, all enjoying playing with their yarn samples. 

 Along with the yarn, we also got desert. Besides hot tea, I also had this delicious pumpkin spice cake. Mmmmmmm....

I definitely can't wait until the next one. I want more yarn to play with, and want to try more of the yummy deserts.
(FYI, this was hosted by Woolbearers and was held at the Robin's Next in Mount Holly)

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