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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Memories of Oscar from his grandchildren

Again, I asked my sisters and cousins for memories of Grandpop throughout our childhood. Please share them with us.

We Remember...
…Grandpop’s ribs. They were the best ever, and nothing will ever compare to them.
…Playing in his backyard, under the weeping willow tree, in the hammock, with the horseshoes, and around the pear tree.
…Eating corn on the cob and sitting at that old wooden picnic table outside, trying to avoid the splinters.
…Helping to decorate the Christmas tree at their house, while watching a Christmas movie in the background.
…His Christmas ham dinners, with lots of goodies to go along.
…Climbing over the back fence to get to the playground (the fast way).
…Helping him to make pasta from scratch. He would roll it out and then hang it to try on lines of string in the house. Of course, our helping meant us eating the raw spaghetti dough strands.
…Easter egg hunts in the backyard.
…Playing on his old computers.
…Thanksgiving dinners at his house. The huge long table with everyone squeezing in around it, and the awesome turkey, and of course the little things like olives and pickles. And Grandpop saying grace before we stuffed ourselves, forgetting to make room for dessert.
…That he traveled to many places, and listening to him talk about them always seemed like amazing stories of far-away places.
…Thinking that the upstairs was like a secret attic, because we hardly went up there.
…Going to the zoo together in his little car, and witnessing some rather naughty monkeys peeing on the car.
…Playing out on the front porch, which always seemed huge.
…Flying in his little airplane…at first too afraid to get on, then changing our mind last-minute.
…His amazingly strong sauerkraut.
…The way he listened to what was happening in our lives, and was genuinely interested.
...His humor.
…His deep laugh and his big smile.
…His amazing and loving hugs. Even at the very end.

We love you Grandpop. We will always remember you.

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