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Monday, December 20, 2010

Still pregnant, 23 weeks

The baby has definite periods of kicking, mainly mid-morning, mid-afternoon, late evening, and when I am laying down at night. Pretty neat. And I can feel the baby sliding around more, too, not just kicking. I hope the baby will kick a good amount for people on Christmas Eve and Christmas, so that they can feel it. Still haven't had a chance to get Liam to feel the kicking, since he's never around when it's happening steadily.
I weighed myself....120 lbs! I am right where I need to be, which is good because I've always been about two or three pounds behind. I need to keep up with the weight gain, although I really to work on eating better. There is so much good stuff out there and I have been too busy to make sure I eat it. Shame on me.
I am also a full yard around, a little more actually. So growing pretty good. Even though it's very obvious that I am pregnant, I am still encountering coworkers (that I see on a relatively regular basis) that are surprised to find out I am pregnant. Do they think I look fat? Miss Moo Miller, the fatty mini-cow? *sigh*

Anyway, here is the official info from BabyFit for 23 weeks:

(Baby's Off to Dreamland)
Shh! Baby's sleeping! He or she can drift into deeper sleep, known as rapid eye movements (or REM), and baby can dream, too. Just what is baby dreaming about? Meeting you, of course! (Most likely, baby is dreaming about daily life inside the womb--playing with the umbilical cord or hearing your voice.)

(Your Baby This Week )
Your baby weighs about a pound (.45 kg) and is approximately 8 inches (20 cm) long. No more fruit comparisons--now he looks like a perfect, little doll!
Although his skin is still wrinkled, it's starting to plump out as he continues to gain weight and develop more fat. He looks more and more like a "real" baby now, but sometimes the fine hair covering your baby's body grows a little dark around this time.

(Your Body This Week)
As the weight of your uterus once again shifts to rest on your bladder, you may have more problems holding urine. But be aware that a "gush" of liquid or constant leaking could mean that you are losing amniotic fluid, and you should call your doctor right away. You may also experience some emotional mood swings--unexpected highs and lows and maybe even some tears or fears. Emotional swings are linked to normal hormone activity and should pass as your pregnancy progresses. If not, mention it to your doctor.

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