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Monday, May 2, 2011

Cute outfit, and polling results

(yes this is a duplicate of the post I just made on Maia's blog).
I finally got a chance to clean some of the new girly clothes that Maia got, and was able to dress her in one of the outfits. Family members have been asking me to put her in some of them and take pictures, so after her bath today I finally was able to oblige. This outfit was just given to us by my Grandmom, and I mainly chose it because it was a two piece and fit the best. And yeah, I am starting to become a pink lover. I mean, I don't want to go overboard, I want tasteful pink, but...I AM liking it more now. She is pretty darn cute in her little pink outfit...thanks Grandmom.

Once Maia's cord stump falls off, I will be able to put her in more of the other outfits, which are one-piece outfits. For now, the separates are easier.

Also, I wanted to acknowledge the birth polling results, both for gender and for stats.
Gender/Stats Predictions
First, we DID finally open the envelope in my wardrobe, with the prediction from the ultrasound taken at the halfway point. The ultrasound picture wasn't something we would have figured out, but it DID say "GIRL" on it, so they were right! Thanks Colleen for reminding us to open that. And congrats to Mom, Michelle, Sandy, Jackie, Lisa, Sue K, Nigia, Suzie, and Jeremy, who guessed a girl (although some of them just wanted it to be a girl).

As for who was closest to Maia's birth time, that would have to be my grandmother, since she had the latest guess on there and Maia blew past all of them, by 27 hours almost. I DID go into labor early enough that Michelle was still in the running, but nature apparently want to even come close to giving her a chance. *sigh*
I was the closest in weight, since every single one of us guessed higher than what she was and mine was only as low as it was because I was HOPING for a smaller baby. I honestly thought she would be a bit heavier than Liam was (he was 7lbs 3oz) because she was several days late and Liam was a whole week early.
No one guessed her length dead on, but four people were close by a half-inch (Jackie, Jeremy, Kevin, Grandmom).

Thank you all for was fun.

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