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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Today is Special...silly me...

Today is a special day. Of course, I had known it was a special day for years and years. At least, I thought so. You see, today is my sister Michelle's birthday. Hence special. But silly me, I am apparently wrong. Today is not special because it's her birthday. Apparently today is...

(wait for it)

...Judgement Day!
That's right. Apparently today is the day that all humans are judged and the good and righteous experience The Rapture and enter heaven, while the poor souls that are found wanting are left behind to suffer as the world is destroyed.
WOW. You would have thought that something so big would be a lot more advertised. You know...that I wouldn't be finding out about it just today. I mean, I know I can sometimes be clueless about what is currently going on in the world, but something like the end of the world happening is not something that just slips by you.

Well, not sure what I should do about this. I don't even know what time the whole judgement thing is supposed to happen. I guess if I only have a few more hours to go, I should do something I really knitting. So yeah, I guess I just got permission from the universe to spend the day knitting. Oh, and wishing my sister a very HAPPY (non-judgemental) BIRTHDAY!


(p.s. See you all tomorrow)

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