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Monday, May 16, 2011

Mad Crafting Skills

Check it out. For about $35 online you can buy a Bebe au Lait Nursing cover, to discreetly cover yourself while breastfeeding without having to struggle with a blanket that could be pulled off by a squirming baby, and while looking stylish.
Looks like this:

OR, for the cost of the fabric (free if you already have some, as I did for one of them...$3.99 for the other) and a few small materials, and about one hour's time, you could totally make one yourself:

Or two (for when the first gets spit-up on):

Crafty, no? But I didn't stop there. For $10, you can buy a boppy cover to go on your boppy pillow. Like one of these:

Or again, get crafty, and for a small cost of fabric, a zipper, and maybe thread, make one yourself. Shazam!

Kind of pleased with myself, if you can't tell. Oh yeah! (to sort of quote Space Ghost: "How'd you get so crafty?" "Look how craft' I be!"). For probably about $22 I made three items that would have cost $80 total.

Okay, sewing projects done. Back to knitting. (bet you want to know what the brown and tan thing is going to be still).

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