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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Hummingbird Moth

Today, while out in my garden, I spotted a hummingbird moth. I don't know that they are rare, but I know I only saw my first one just a few years ago, and have only seen a handful since then. And since I hadn't heard of one before I spotted it and found out what it was, and most other people have no clue what they are (or that they exist), they always seem rare to me. So I think of them as special. I got a picture of this one, which I believe is a Snowberry Clearwing variety.

Interesting looking, aren't they. Apparently when they fly around, they are often mistaken as a hummingbird. I've mostly seen them at rest, and they look more like a weird bumblebee to me, due to the coloration. I've never seen any of the other varieties, only this kind. But I love seeing them. And so, now you know that hummingbird moths exist and what they look like. I am hoping to see more of it.

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