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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

So darn busy

I am way behind on posting. Things have just been so busy (as they always are), and I never find time to post. And if I do, I don't tend to do it because I also usually have pictures I want to share and that takes time. But I am going to use the holiday weekend to try to get a few more things posted, mainly on the kids' blogs. Maia is now 7 months, so you need to check up on her pictures. And I should be posting more about Liam. There is just so much neat stuff going on with them every day, it's hard to just post every time it happens.
I also hope to post some pictures here of the stuff I have been knitting. But since some of them are intended as gifts and I never know who might actually be taking the time to read these posts (yeah I know, I am delusional...pretty much talking to myself most of the time), I want to hold off until after Christmas. But, I WILL post a picture here of Maia in the hat I whipped up for her really quick (you'll also see it on her blog). It's not my favorite project because it was so quick and rough (and I started it three times because the first two times my awesome idea had flaws and looked like crap), but Maia makes it look very cute.

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