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Thursday, December 29, 2011

So very busy

Okay, it's been a LONG time since I have posted to any of my blogs (very beginning of December?). But I've been super busy. Not only has work been sucking up a lot of my time (been working overtime since November), but I have also been preparing for the Christmas holiday, which included knitting items for family members. I love knitting, but it does take a lot of time, and at the end there, I was sacrificing sleep (and all house chores) to get it done. (personal thanks to my husband for picking up the slack as much as he could on the house chores).

I am going to be posting several updates with regards to Christmas and my children, as I can get to them, now that I have breathing room.

But first, let me post pictures of the lovely gloves that I was knitting for my family members. I am so proud of them, and even prouder that I let them go (I almost kept some of them).

Here are all three of the gloves that I knit:

The dark blue ones on the left are for my aunt Lisa. She wanted gloves to match the scarf I made for her years ago. Her scarf was made out of acrylic Lionbrand Homespun, which I now find hard to knit with. So I found this yarn, which is a very close match in color and texture, but this yarn is 100% wool (Takhi Yarns, Tara Tweed, color 005, DL 025000).
The brilliant tropical blue flip-top fingerless gloves in the middle are for Sandy. She didn't like mittens because you can't use your fingers, but liked the idea of flip-tops, so I decided to surprise her with a pair. I was sorely tempted to keep these for myself. These were 100% Merino wool (Punta Yarns, Merisoft Handpainted, Color HP64, DL?)
The periwinkle gloves on the right are for Jackie. She bought me some lovely natural-colored alpaca yarn, so I wanted to thank her by making her something. She said she wanted something light blue to match her winter coat, but when I saw this periwinkle yarn staring back at me in Woolbearers, I couldn't help myself. Turns out her coat is actually periwinkle colored, not really light blue, so this worked out PERFECTLY. And it's made of baby alpaca, so it's super soft and awesome. And it has little strands of some sort of silvery sparkle stuff in it (stellina) that makes it SOOO pretty. I nearly kept the yarn for myself. (Woolbearers yarn, Baby Alpaca Glow, Color Lavender, DL: None)

Here is a close-up of me modeling Lisa's gloves. I attempted to make a raised pattern on the backs, reminiscent of argyle diamonds, but the variations in the yarn made it kind of hard to see.

These are Jackie's baby alpaca gloves. Those gold-ish patches on her index fingers and thumbs are actually patches of conductive thread that I sewed on, so that she can still use the gloves with her iPhone. I tried knitting the thread into the tips, but it wasn't all that conductive, so sewing was the best solution. It's still not as conductive as I would like, but it works. She can at least answer/make phone calls and check emails. Texting might be a bit hard, but it's the best I could do.

And finally, here are close-ups of the flip-tops for Sandy. They have all the warmth of a mitten, but the mitten top can flip back quickly to allow access to individual fingers for easy manipulation and quick iPhone usage. I made them tip-less, instead of just fingerless, so that the fingers would stay it's what Sandy likes more.

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