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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Love...thy name is baby alpaca

I have fallen in love...

I was at my local yarn shop for Knit Night, and took a break to look at the yarns to see if I could find anything for a gift I wanted to make, as well as anything that I really liked for myself. There's lots of good stuff there..THIS was no exception.

I touched it. That's what did it. I reach out only half-interested, letting my eyes slide over everything hanging on the wall, not really focusing on this one skein in particular...but then I felt it. OMG...SO SOFT! So fluffy and luscious. My eyes immediately snapped to it. It was so beautiful. Actually, it wasn't this was one that was darker with more blues and purples. But this one called to me as well. All of them did, and it was sad there was only 5 colorways. I fondled them, and had to bring a skein back to the table with me to keep touching and looking at. And since I was actually looking for yarn for the gift I wanted to knit and the one pictured above works for what I wanted...I got the yarn, but not for me. Which is so sad, because I want it to be for me so badly. You see, as I have touched it more and looked at it, I have fallen seriously in love. It's 95% baby alpaca, with 5% stella, which is the slight silvery thread running through it that makes it glint and glisten. It reminds me of wintry snow in the sunlight, with shadows throwing in the light lavender and blue colors. The baby alpaca makes it so light and fluffy and soft...super soft. It's gorgeous. And I find myself not wanting to give it away. But, I've already gone back on one gift I was going to do and decided to make it for myself. It would be totally rude to do the same thing AGAIN. Wouldn't it? I mean, yeah, it wouldn't be my fault if I did...I mean, LOOK at that yarn...anyone would fall to its temptation. would be low of me to do that...

I'll just have to suck it up, and hope that after many, many hours of working with it to turn it into something equally as beautiful and cozy, I can give it away. I MAY need someone there with me, though, to knock me out when I finish so that they can take it away and hide it until Christmas day, when it will be too late to steal it for myself.

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