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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Yoga Family Gathering

Just a really quick post...

Today my yoga center had a New Year's Eve Gathering, a special 2-hour gathering where the room was filled (and I mean FILLED) with people, all doing yoga, singing together, releasing the old year and opening arms to the new one. And it wasn't just a yoga was a gathering of friends, of our yoga community...of my yoga "family". I felt so blessed to be there, so special, so surrounded by familiar faces, as well as new ones. As I soaked in the experience, going through poses there in front of my favorite teachers, I felt very happy...and also a little sad. Sad for those that weren't there experiencing this, those that never go to a yoga class, those that don't get it, don't know why it's so special, those that weren't feeling this closeness and sense of community. I realized how lucky I am, just by going to a yoga class. And in my yoga prayers at the end of the class, I added a part that wished that all those out there who had never gone to a yoga class would get a chance to experience one and maybe, just maybe, feel what I had felt.

Om shanti. Namaste.

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