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Friday, June 18, 2010

Shuttle Launch Video

I am going to attempt to post the video I took of the shuttle launch. I was taken with my iPhone, so it's not as close as I would like, and it's a bit shaky, especially in the beginning...but if you hang in there, you CAN see it show up more when the plume starts to become visible. Within 10-15 seconds you can see a bright dot down near the horizon, towards the middle, and then about 40 seconds in the plume will start to become really visible. Awesome. (Ignore me crying and saying stupid emotional things). (Taken on 5/14/2010).

It apparently failed to upload. I'll have to try something else at some point. Sorry.


  1. Bummer that it didn't upload - that was a really cool video!

  2. Yeah...maybe it was too long for this server to handle. I will see what I can do about trying again at some point, so that people can watch it. Hmmm.