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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

100 Days

The baby is now 100 days old (inside). How do I know this? Well, I have a Pregnancy Journal that Matt reads to me every night...just like he did when I was pregnant for Liam. It's awesome to know what is going on daily with the growing life inside me, and it's wonderful to have something like this to share with Matt. I look forward to him reading it every night. But wait...I have something awesome that I have to share about this.

Some of you might know that Matt is currently in Austin, TX, for a mini-vacation, for a geek-out festival thingy called W00tstock. It didn't occur to me until after he had left the house that he would not be around to read to me for three nights in a row. I pondered about what to do...wait for three nights and make him read four entries all in one night? Read them without him? I decided to just wait for him to get back, because I loved hearing him read them.

As I started to get ready for bed, I texted Matt to tell him goodnight. He sent me a file via text and told me to open it when I was getting into bed. I finished getting ready for bed, figuring it was some video of him doing something in Texas. I opened up the file, and it was a sound file of him...reading that night's baby journal entry. He had pre-recorded it a few days earlier, so that I would still have that moment with him in the evening. In fact, he had pre-recorded all three nights that he was going to be gone. *melt* I was surprised...and so filled with love for him. With all the crazy stuff going on with redoing the family room and getting ready for a Halloween Party, he had remembered that it meant a lot to me to hear him read those entries, and that he wouldn't be around to read them...and he took action on it.
Yesterday his journal reading said it was Day 100. *happy sigh*

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