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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Little Stirrings of Life

I am a bit late posting but I was away from a computer for the last four days.
On Saturday I was at yoga class, enjoying the various poses and reconnecting with myself after a stressful week at work. Karin asked us to do Legs Up The Wall at one point. As I lay there on my back, I felt it. This little light bump in my lower abdomen. Not a little flicker or bubble that I am not quite sure about. This I was sure about.
I felt the baby kick.
It was amazing. For the first time i was sure I was feeling the baby moving. And so strongly. It was very touching. And special.

These last few days I have been at a spa retreat with my mother. While there I have felt the baby kicking more and more. And last light, after a middle-of-the-night bathroom trip, the baby really went into a kicking spree. It was so wonderful to feel so much of the baby. Sort of a special time, in the middle of the night when no one else was awake or around. Just my quiet time to connect with the baby. And I finally really feel the baby.

I cant wait until the baby kicks strongly enough that Liam can feel it.

Some Details:
Even though I have felt little flutters and bubbles that were probably the baby kicking, I first felt the baby kicking for sure at 16 weeks, 5 days. I am currently 17 weeks and 2 days. Here is the baby info update for "17 weeks":

If you hold out the palm of your hand, your baby could sit in the center! Weighing in at over 3 ounces (.08 kg), your baby is growing a little more every day.
This week, your baby begins to develop fat cells (also known as adipose tissue). As your baby grows, these fat cells are essential to maintaining heat production and body temperature. Right now, water makes up most of your baby's body, but by the end of your pregnancy, more than three-quarters of his or her birth weight will be fat.

Your uterus is really growing. Its shape is changing from round to more oval and it is starting to fill your pelvis. At the top, your uterus will begin pressing against your abdomen, and you'll feel this pressure more when standing up than lying down. You may also feel some pelvic pain, caused by a stretching of the round ligaments that run between the top of your uterus and the wall of your pelvis. You may have pain on one or both of your sides, but it's normal and nothing to worry about. If, however, this pain is severe-and especially if you experience vaginal bleeding or water loss-call your doctor right away. Most often you will be fine, but it's important to let your health care provider make that determination.

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