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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Congratulations, it's a....envelope!

So, we had our halfway ultrasound today. It took almost an hour, but we got to see the various parts of our growing baby. It was very cute to see the curled up hands, and to see the baby moving his/her arms around. Everything looks good with the baby, right on track for where I am at in the pregnancy (19 weeks 2 days).
As for the gender, well...that's been written down on an envelope and sealed and put safely somewhere in our house. We are still holding firm about being surprised when we finally give birth. So neither of us are looking at that piece of paper until after we come home from the hospital with the new baby.

I gotta tell you, though...having that envelope in the house, right there, makes it VERY tempting. *sigh*

Anyway, here is one of the ultrasound images. The baby is facing up, with his/her head to the right. The bulge on the left is the belly, and the light little dashes above that are the hands/fingers.

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