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Monday, February 21, 2011

32 Weeks Pregnant

I have 8 more weeks to go...give or take. Since the most I could go past my due date is probably 2 weeks (if even that), I have AT MOST 10 weeks. Hopefully I go earlier than my due date and so it's more like 7 weeks. Eeek...not much time. Which is why I am glad we are finally getting the baby's room in order. We move pretty much everything out of the old craft room, with the exception of a bookshelf and a desk that need to be donated to Goodwill when we get rid of the first load that is still waiting in my car (darn know, if you list your hours as noon to 6pm, then you should really be able to take drop-offs up until 6pm. OTHERWISE, it would be REALLY nice to say that drop-off hours end at 5:30. So that we don't arrive there at 5:40 and find out it's too late to donate and now I have a car full of heavy stuff clunking around back there with every turn. Grrrrrr.)

And last night, I put THIS back together:

Of course, now it's even more obvious that things don't really match in the room. The walls probably should be repainted a neutral color, and I need to switch out the curtains with the ones from Liam's room (need to make him some with some nice pirate fabric). There is still some work to be done, but at least I can start moving furniture around in the room and figure out the set-up, and start putting some decor in there. We need to go buy a dresser for the baby's clothes, and now there is room to put it in there. Yay.

As for how I am feeling...more of the same, although less crazy now. Well, sort of. I feel like I am running out of time...BUT now that the craft/baby and computer rooms are getting settled, I feel like things are getting accomplished more. Once we settle on names, I'll feel a step more prepared. And I feel better now that the decision to switch OB's and hospitals has been made and I can concentrate on other things (like knitting a baby blanket that may take months to do unless I stop going to work or stop sleeping...*SIGH*).
The baby itself is kicking around in there less, now that things are getting more cramped. I mainly just feel sliding movements, and pushing. A kick here or there. Crushing my bladder or lungs or diaphragm. Heh.

Here is my belly at 32 Weeks. Sorry, it's not the best, didn't realize my clothing was covering it as much, and the lighting wasn't very good this morning. Too cloudy.

Official Week 32 Baby Info.

Your Baby This Week
Within two months, the big day will arrive, and baby is just as excited as you are--something you can probably feel from the increasing activity in your tummy!
At almost 4 pounds (2 kg) in weight and 19 inches (48 cm) in length, your baby is nearly filling up your entire uterus. Most of the time, her head will be facing upward, but there's still enough room to somersault now and then. In her spare time, baby is getting ready for her first loving look at Mom, as she practices opening and closing her eyes. Baby's skin is also becoming less wrinkled, as layers of fat continue to plump out the body.

Your Body This Week
Visits to your health care provider are probably increasing to every two weeks, and this frequency will continue until the last month, when you'll visit weekly until your delivery day. Back and leg aches may continue, and you may become easily winded. This is not only due to the extra weight of your growing baby, but also because she's pressing against your diaphragm, making breathing more difficult. Around this time you may also notice a yellow-tinged liquid coming from your nipples. Known as colostrum (foremilk), it means your breasts are getting ready to produce milk.

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