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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Achingly slowwwwwww...

So, I spent most of the afternoon/evening knitting on the blanket. Row after 112-stitch row. I really thought I would be a lot further than I am. Didn't expect to be halfway or anything, but thought I would make it past the first row of colored squares and into the white bar that separates it from the next row. But I seem to have fallen into that black hole of knitting that Stephanie Pearl-McPhee always talks about with her shawls. I need the squares to be about 6" long, since that is how wide they are. I measured them....3.5". I knit for a while. 3.75". I knit longer, doing a few extra rows until I measured it (or so I thought..I didn't really count rows, just knit a lot and it felt like I was doing a lot of rows after all that time). Measured again...4". Holy crap, half an inch so far?
Fast forward to now, when I have put my knitting away for the day. The squares are now measuring at 5", after all that knitting. That's it. Not even 2" of progress...forget about the 3" I was hoping to get accomplished. At this rate, the blanket will be finished around Christmas! (seriously, though...don't know HOW I will get this finished before the baby is born.)

At least it's looking nice, though...

(closeup of the moss stitch (white) and seed stitch (color) combo)

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