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Saturday, February 19, 2011

I have begun...

When I created this blog originally, I had intended to post about a lot of different things. Things I had seen, thoughts I had, places I had gone, things that had happened. And I had totally intended to post about things I have I love knitting and want to share what I work on (not that I have much time to work on things and so don't have a lot of projects to post about...still...). But lately, the only thing I seem to be posting about is the baby. Belly pictures, info, statistics, etc. True, the incoming baby is going to be a big part of our life. But I don't feel like I have as much in my journal that is non-baby...and I don't think I've posted anything about knitting yet. is my first post about knitting.

I finally began a project that I really wanted to start weeks ago.

It's in it's very beginning stage...only a few rows done, out of a hundred million (okay, more like 280 or so). But hopefully it will pick up soon.
Oh...what is it?

It's a baby blanket.

Okay, so baby stuff is mostly on my mind lately. I knit one for Liam and so it's only right that I knit one for this baby as well, and I AM short on time. So it's my main focus.
But, look, here...something NOT baby-related. A cardigan for myself that I started finally in January, that is on hold for now but WILL be picked up as soon as the baby blanket is finished and I've adjusted to another child in the house.

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