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Monday, August 1, 2011

Belly Flop

Maia's done it twice now this weekend, and come close many other times during that same period. We've laid her on her back to play or to sleep, and she has curled to her side many times, for the last few weeks. Last night, I put her to sleep on her back. This morning she was asleep on her belly. She rolled over! And that was the second time in the last three days. On Saturday, she was on her back on the playmat and rolled over as well. She has been curling onto her side a lot when on her back, and will even roll onto her belly, but her lower arm is still under her, so she never really quite makes it fully, and ends up flipping back onto her side and then back. She managed to get her arm bent under her before rolling onto her belly, and that allowed her to go over completely and end up in a sphinx pose. We thought it was just luck, and maybe it still was, but considering that this morning was asleep on her belly, with both arms free and hands near her head, she apparently managed to do it again...overnight...while sleepy.
YAY! Our little girl is growing up! Of course, now I am worried about her being on her belly while sleeping. I am hoping that she soon learns how to roll from her belly to back. That is actually supposed to be what happens first, but...oh well...guess no one told Maia that.

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