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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Happy Surprise Day!

Just felt the need to point out the fact that one year ago today, we were surprised to discover that we were pregnant. I woke up that morning, still recovering from our week-long camping trip, and preparing myself mentally for my grandfather's funeral service later that afternoon. As I was getting up, it occurred to me that I was late...that something should have happened while on the camping trip. I didn't hold out much hope that we were pregnant, considering it had taken us 2.5 years and a lot of help to get pregnant with Liam. No way that it could have just happened after only 2 months of being off the pill and not really trying. But Matt and I decided to take a test, just to see, figuring that if the miraculous HAD occurred, it would give us something happy to think about on such a sad day. And sure enough, we got our miracle...those two blue lines appeared, and we were just boggled. It had WORKED! We had actually gotten pregnant, no troubles, no months and months of heartache and struggle. And we had good news to share.

Because we only had that one test to go on, and no official bloodwork, and because it seemed to incredulous and almost not-real, we didn't tell anyone that day, aside from my mom. We decided to tell her, partly because I couldn't just keep it in and HAD to tell someone else, and partly because she was grieving over the loss of her father, and I wanted to give her something positive to think about, some hope for the future...that even in the midst of the losses we were suffering, something good had happened.
And now here we are...with a beautiful little girl who is almost 4 months old.
Happy Surprise Day...

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