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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Shaky shaky....

So, I was pumping breast milk in the empty office at my workplace, and I had just finished up and was transferring the milk to the storage bags...when suddenly the door started rattling. I thought maybe someone was trying to get in. But then the walls started shaking and swaying as well, enough that I watched them in confusion, wondering what the heck was going on. Was someone doing work on the building outside, something that would shake the building? Our buildings do shake a little...when someone big walks down the halls, you can feel the floors bounce a little. People who bounce their legs nervously while sitting at their desks will shake the floor for several cubes away (totally annoying). But this was some huge shaking. I then realized that it must be something that we rarely have here in New earthquake.

Apparently Virginia had a 5.9 earthquake and we felt it way up here in NJ. In fact, according to the articles, it was felt as far away as Florida and Canada. And apparently Colorado had earthquakes yesterday and today. Crazy. Never really felt one like that before. At most I have felt some vibration in the ground, like a big truck passing by. But this...this was actual building SWAYING. Nothing bad came of it, for us anyway. No damage...just a loss in productivity as tons of workers starting chattering on about it (during and after the evacuation and return to the building) and where they were at the time and what they thought it felt like. I checked in on some friends/family that lived a bit closer, but I can't help but worry about those living right where it happened. Hopefully no one got seriously hurt.

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