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Monday, March 7, 2011

Now at 34 weeks

The weeks keep ticking by and it seems like they are speeding up. Things are slowly getting done for the baby, but not as quickly as the weeks are flying by. *sigh* I am only now a quarter done with the blanket and almost half of the time I had left has passed, so I need to pick up the pace. And we really need to go over baby names and narrow them down. *sigh* The baby's room needs to be painted and the rest of the furniture pulled together, and we need to get a dresser in there so the baby clothes aren't just sitting in a big basket on the floor. CRAZY!

On a upbeat note, my Baby Sprinkle (mini baby shower) was this weekend, and it was fun to hang out with all the ladies. As soon as my mom gives me her pictures, I'll post them up here.

Here is the belly picture and official info for this week, since I am out of time for much else:

Your Baby This Week
Your baby is almost ready to greet you and the rest of the world. A bouncing bundle of joy at 5 pounds (2.5 kg) and nearly 20 inches (51 cm), your baby's organs are almost fully matured with the exception of the lungs, which will continue to develop almost until birth.
Though you can't see your baby, her skin is turning from red to pink. While her fingernails are fully formed, the toenails still need more time to grow. Some babies will even have a full head of hair by this point.

Your Body This Week
You're probably starting to give serious thought to ideas like breastfeeding, labor and delivery. Now is a good time to begin discussing all your options with your health care provider. Meanwhile, baby is snoozing a lot, letting you run the show for a little while longer.
If you have been experiencing Braxton Hicks contractions already, they may become more frequent now (or you may start to experience them for the first time). These can be intense, but are much shorter in duration than the contractions you'll experience during real labor. Because your pelvis is rapidly expanding, it may begin to ache; your lower back is also feeling the strain of your growing baby. Getting off your feet as much as possible and lying on your left side will help a lot.

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