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Thursday, March 24, 2011

What's in a name?

For months now, Matt and I have been trying to pick out names for the baby. I really thought we would have picked out two names a lot sooner. I figured this time would be easier somehow (not sure why, this time we had two to pick out, plus middle names, instead of just going with Matt's to start a tradition), and that we would be done a lot sooner. Instead, here we are at 36 weeks and 3 days, and we just now have settled on the two first names. I had a list of 20+ girls names, and almost as many boys names. Matt's lists were a bit smaller...but despite their sizes, NONE of our boys names were the same, AND only three of the girls names happened to be the same. *sigh* So began the process of narrowing down the lists. And when we finally got down to a handful on either, it became really hard. Because we had our favorites and neither really wanted to give them up, AND because the ones we liked the most, the other didn't really like it at all (my favorite names were some of his least favorite, and vice versa).
Finally, today, we came to a compromise. Out of 5 boys names, we went with his favorite and my 3rd choice. Out of 4 girls names, we went with my 2nd choice and his 3rd choice (both our favorites for girls were names that the other really didn't like). *sigh*
And I am finding it hard to just accept them. I guess I really wanted to go with my names. I am trying to imagine naming our son with Matt's choice, and it's not really my ideal. But I can't always get my way, and I sort of won with Liam the first time around. But even with the girl's's not my first, ideal choice. But Matt dislikes that one enough that I would feel weird going with it. So...we both had to compromise a bit on it...not either of our first choices. So, again...I am not all that happy. But again...why should I get my way? I tend to get my way a lot. I want a certain color for a's that color. I want to do a specific thing on a given tends to happen. Etc...either because Matt doesn't really have a preference, or because he doesn't feel it's worth it to voice his preference...or I just really can't give in. (yeah, I am spoiled...but that's probably for another post...need to work on that)
So...I am here, now...trying to accept these final names, trying to accept that neither of my favorites have made it, and that with both I am giving in a little (or a lot more). I know I will get used to them, and after a while, the names WILL become a part of who the baby is, and we won't be able to imagine the baby with any other name. The baby is who the baby is...regardless of name. It shouldn't really be a big deal, should it?

And no, I am not yet going to post the names. We still need to figure out middle names...and it's been less than 12 hours since we decided on the names, so there is still room for change. The names will probably be announced when the baby is least, the one name will be. So...stop thinking about it. heh.

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