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Monday, June 27, 2011

East Kingdom War Camp

This past weekend we attended an SCA event, East Kingdom War Camp (or also War Practice), held in Lehighton, PA. Normally this is an event that we camp at, but I didn't want to try that with Maia being so young. I took a few pictures from the day, but not as much as I usually would, given that I tend to forget about dragging out the camera for pictures...Maia takes up most of my thought processes.

Here is the ONLY picture I have of Maia from the event, in her little tabard. I couldn't find the little tunic I had made for Liam, which is the same blue and black colors (for those not in the know, a tunic is like a long shirt/dress, the tabard is just something with neckhole and ties at the side). I never got a picture of her with myself or Matt, or any of the other SCAdian friends that held her.

Here we are hanging out under our shade shelter.

Liam likes to smile for the camera, saying "Cheese". Heh.

The site, the Ukranian Homestead, has this HUGE weeping beach tree on it. The tree has grown tall and the drooping branches form a huge umbrella-like canopy. Children love playing under this canopy, and it has come to be called the Storybook Tree.
Liam loved playing under it as well.

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