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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Memorial Day Pix

Just realized I never posted any of these. A bit late, but still worth putting up. Most of them are the kids having fun. In fact, all of them have a child in them. Heh. Kids are cuter than adults.

Lots of pool fun. (yes, Liam and Xander are wearing the same shirt. And if they had had the jolly-roger swimshorts in Liam's size at Target, they would be waring the same shorts too. Twins! Heh.)

Maia is taking a nap outside, despite the heat.

Photoshoot with the inflatable dolphin... (couldn't get them to really sit still)

Liam is testing out Cole's new pool float, to see how well it works on land.

Dudes, if I could only just get him to do this all the time. Wonder if I can convince him it's fun and that he always wants to do it.

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