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Friday, June 24, 2011

Oliver Reunion

I am late in posting this, but that's what happens when you have a busy life. This past weekend (17th-19th) we went to the Oliver Family Reunion...Matt's side of the family. It's held each year at Camp Frame in Hedgesville, West Virginia, the Saturday before Father's Day. Not only do we see Matt's immediate family, but we also see his extended family, and relatives that have descended from one of the six Oliver sisters that were around in the early part of the 1900's. There are no more Olivers...they are now Millers, Frys, Frankenberry's, tbd, tbd, tbd. Each year a different family branch hosts the reunion, and there is an auction (people bring stuff to donate to it) to raise money for future events. Everyone brings a dish to donate to the buffet. There is a pool on site that the kids like to partake in. Mostly people just sit around eating good food and talking.

Here we are at Pappy's house, the day before the reunion. This is the only good picture, unfortunately, given that Liam wouldn't sit still and the lighting was kind of dark.

Here are the actual Reunion pictures:
Granny is holding Maia

A friend of the family, Candy (I think).

There were lots of little souvenirs and decorations sitting around on the tables. Liam seemed to like the carrots-filled-with-bubbles.

Mommy! (finally, some pix of me. There are a few of me holding here here, but this was the best one and there are already an overload of Maia pix).

Sherry (she is Matt's cousin, so not sure what her relationship to Maia is).

Maia with her Aunt Debbie.

Sherry and Debbie chatting.

More of Granny holding Maia.

Liam is being a detective, courtesy of a magnifying glass that his aunt Dawn got him. He went outside with Dawn and her husband Greg and they showed him how to find fossils and how to use the magnifying glass to see them better. Pretty awesome.

Liam socialized a little, entertaining Debby, Jimmy and Juanita, and Pappy.

Liam somehow had enough energy to just keep running around and around at the Reunion.

Liam and I are enjoying a dip at the hotel pool after the reunion. Although it was pretty darn cold, so that's really as far as I got into it.

Maia is poolside, with Granny.

Aunt Dawn finally gets a chance to hold Maia.

After a long day, it's great to just take it easy back at the hotel with something tasty.

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