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Monday, January 10, 2011

26 Weeks of Pregnancy

Another week of pregnancy done...still a few more to go. But I am at the end of my second trimester, so another milestone almost reached. The baby is kicking up a storm and has started really doing the River Dance practices that Liam did when he was in the womb. The other night the baby was doing barrel rolls in there, I swear. With all limbs least it felt that way.

Here is the latest belly picture. Sorry it's so crappy, it was taken at night, with the iPhone, which doesn't do well in low-light situations. And for some reason I look shorter in this picture. Ugh.

Official 26-Week info:

Your Baby This Week
Your baby is getting chubby. She weighs about 32 ounces (1 kg) and measures more than 9 inches (23 cm) in length. You're continuing to grow, too, which is a sign that you're both healthy!
A pattern similar to life outside the womb is starting to develop. You may notice a distinct wake-sleep cycle, where periods of activity alternate with quiet times on a regular basis. Your baby's senses are coming into full bloom. She can't see yet, but she can hear, taste and feel, and her brainwave patterns are similar to those of a newborn. If your health care provider listens your baby's heartbeat now, he or she may notice a skipped beat, which is a condition known as an arrhythmia. Often this is normal and disappears as the heart matures. If it's still present when you are ready to deliver, a fetal heart rate monitor can detect any signs of distress.

Your Body This Week
Two thirds of your pregnancy is over, and you're really starting to feel the backaches, leg cramps and headaches more frequently as pressure within your pelvis builds. You'll continue to gain weight at the rate of about one pound (.45 kg) per week. As your baby grows, your uterus pushes up towards your ribs, which may feel sore. As uterine muscles stretch, you may occasionally feel a "stitch" in your side, similar to what happens when you run. But it won't be long now. Rest up, stay off your feet when you can, and get ready to be a mom!

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