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Monday, January 3, 2011

34 Years....and 25 weeks

34 years ago today, at 9:04am, my mother entered into the world of motherhood as I entered into the world itself. It's been a crazy journey, but seems to have turned out well so far. So, Happy Birthday to myself. How will I celebrate it? Well, probably not all that much today. I am at work right now (saving up my vacation for maternity leave), and when I get home, I want to get some cleaning done that has been bothering me. But I will probably make time for some light exercising (time to get back into a routine), and also for a little bit of knitting, so that maybe I have some hope of finishing this cardigan this year. Heh.

I am also 25 weeks pregnant, so I'll supply the usual official baby info. Nothing new in terms of my personal updates on things.

Your Baby This Week
Wow! Your baby is almost 9 inches (23 cm) long-almost half his birth length! While his weight is still low at about 1.5 pounds (0.68 kilograms), he could survive if he decided to make an entrance into the world now!
Among the most prominent changes this week take place in the skin, which gradually becomes thicker and less transparent. It's still wrinkled, as if there is more than he needs, but your baby will literally "grow" into his skin as time passes. Your baby's heartbeat may be strong enough now that other people can hear it when pressing their ear to your belly!

Your Body This Week
Are you itching? Are there tiny bumps popping up all over that are driving you mad? Many women report all-over itching called Puppps that may begin as early as this week, and could last until you deliver. If the itching really causes you distress, talk to your health care provider about an anti-itch cream. In addition, increased blood flow to your lower body may result in hemorrhoids (dilated blood vessels in the rectum that can itch or burn). Constipation can exacerbate them, so speak to your caregiver about a stool softener. Heartburn and indigestion may also increase, making you feel uncomfortable. Try not to go hungry for too long because it can worsen the problem.

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