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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Breathtaking Beauty

We got hit with more snow here. I don't like it. I am NOT a fan of winter, and actually use the word "hate" with it. I don't like the cold, and I don't like the mess that snow creates. Things are more hazardous when driving, it has to be cleaned up from various surfaces, it's very cold, and aside from pristine fields and trees and such, it leaves everything looking dirty and bleak.
BUT...I gotta say...this last snow-fall left the trees looking beautiful. At least the ones I drove past on the way to work. They were all coated with about 2" of snow, almost every single branch. And that left them looking so soft and beautiful. I passed a small wooded property and it nearly took my breath see all that soft intertwining white, with the sun shining on it. I really wish I could have pulled over and taken a picture of it, to show here on the blog, but with the lack of shoulders, there was no way to do that. But, it DID make that drive into work (luckily mostly brief for me) worth it, to be able to see that.

(But that's more snow after this. I'm serious)

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