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Monday, January 31, 2011

29 Weeks

I don't really have much to add for this week's pregnancy update. I feel about the same physically, although the hip pain at night is becoming a little bit more acute. I think it's a posture thing, as opposed to a pressure thing, so I need to figure out what I need to change.
Mentally I am getting more and more worried about the impending labor. Not because of the pain and such...but because of the limitations that I seem to be encountering as a VBAC patient. I feel like I am still stuck in too much of a medical world and that I am going to be forced into limitations that might end with me having another c-section that could possibly have been prevented if nature was allowed to do it's thing. I fully blame the epidural I had last time for Liam's heart rate going up, which is why the c-section was done. And I feel I needed the epidural because I was induce a week early, so my body was not yet ready to go into labor (hence the slow progression and halt at 6 cm) and it was a harder labor, making it more painful to deal with. And I was essentially tied to a monitor the entire time, so I couldn't walk the halls or get into the shower or any of the other things that I know would help with pain management.
So, this time around, I really wanted to avoid all those limitations. I even switched practices to find doctors more open to such changes. But now it seems those same limitations are cropping back up. Due to my previous c-section, they want to monitor me at all times. So no walking the halls, or getting into showers...and who knows, perhaps not even being able to sit on a chair or birthing ball nearby if the monitor doesn't stay on very well. I really want to object and insist on walking the halls, etc, but I don't know if I can. I am afraid that I will be confined to the bed, and will end up on my back, or that I will still be so limited that the pain won't be as easy to manage and I'll eventually psyche myself out and end up going for the epidural again (which will disappoint me to no end), and possibly another c-section (which will upset me a lot).
AND, while I know I will need to schedule a c-section if the baby goes too late (a week or two past the due date), I was not prepared for the OB to ask me to schedule one for 39 weeks, just in case my check-up at that point showed that I might not be progressing as much as they thought and they felt it would end in a c-section anyway so why not do it ahead of time. I thought that I would only need a c-section if there was an emergency or if it was just getting way too much past the due date. I don't like the idea of having a convenient c-section appointment scheduled...if the doctor is on the fence about something, I want to take my chances and give nature the benefit of the doubt...NOT bow to guilt and uncertainty and opt for an already scheduled c-section. But I feel like I would be a "bad girl" by not doing what the doctor recommends...I mean, they are only trying to do what it safe and best for me and the baby, right? Ugh!
So...I am scared...and worried...and panicking. I feel like maybe now I didn't do enough searching for an OB practice that was exactly what I wanted. I really wanted a birthing center with medical capabilities, but couldn't seem to find that. And it seems crazy to change things this late in the game. But I am getting more and more worried about this, and I don't know what to do. Help.

*sigh* Anyway, the official baby info:

Your Baby This Week
Between weeks 26 and 27, your baby begins to experience REM sleep and he can dream! Your baby now weighs close to 3 pounds (1.3 kg) and is approaching 17 inches (43 cm) from head to toe.
His eyes are becoming more sensitive and might be able to notice when you are sitting in the sun or reading by a bright light. As baby grows, conditions in the uterus become a little cramped, so there isn't quite as much room to kick those tiny legs or wave those teeny arms. Therefore, you may feel a little less movement now, but that's normal.

Your Body This Week
Your tummy is continuing to grow and you're steadily gaining weight. As you edge closer to delivery day, premature labor is possible. Signs include menstrual-like cramping, lower back pain, and a leaking of amniotic fluid (sometimes accompanied by a pink or brown watery stain and a thick, mucous-rich plug). If these symptoms occur, call your health care provider right away (and go to the nearest hospital if you can't reach him or her). When caught early on, premature labor can be stopped. Following up with bed rest will help ensure your baby gets more time to grow. If you find yourself dreaming about that perfect little baby, you're not alone. Baby dreams, too--about you, the perfect mom!

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