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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Fire and Ice

Every winter the town of Mount Holly has a Fire and Ice Festival, with the focus on two contests. The Ice is celebrated by ice carving/sculptures (pretty) and the Fire by chili (yummy). This is the second year we have gone, as I only just found out about it last year when I started looking into more things to do with Liam outside the home. This year it was just Liam, my Dad, and myself, and it was pretty fun. Cold, but not nearly as cold as last year. And since Liam is totally into fire trucks and such, it was even more enjoyable to go to the old historic fire station for the chili contest/tasting, and to see/ride the fire engines.

Let me share some of the pictures from the day (yesterday, by the way).

First, we took advantage of a short line to ride the fire trucks first thing. Sorry for the blurry pictures, but it's hard to take them in a bouncing fire truck.

After the ride, there is a quick stop so that Liam and PopPop can say hello.

Then we swung indoors to the college for the science-y portion of things, where Liam took a turn at being surrounded by a huge bubble tube. He seemed to enjoy popping it.

Liam insisted on posing with a fire hydrant at some point. Crazy boy.

Then we watched some dog-sledding demonstrations.

And then there were the ice sculptures.

Then finally, we ended the day with Liam getting to sit in a Police car and flash the lights, sound the horn and the siren, and chat with the police officer.

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