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Friday, January 14, 2011

Goodbye Second Trimester

I am now midway through my 27th week, and can say I am 6 months pregnant. So I am also now beginning my third trimester. Two-thirds of the way done. The end is getting closer and closer and it seems to be speeding up. I don't have much time to finish off what I need to before then, it feels like. I really don't want to be frantically doing things that last month before the baby is born...I'd like to try to take it easy. But it seems like everyday life gets in the way of the things I need to do. You wouldn't think I would have much to do the second time around, but somehow it's plenty. At least for the time I have left to do it in.
I knit a beautiful blanket for Liam during my first pregnancy, and I really feel I should do the same for this baby as well (not fair otherwise), so I really need to get a move-on with that. I had started Liam's right at my halfway point, so I am already 6 weeks behind. I don't have to register for things or make huge decisions on baby items, but we DO need to get a few things for the new baby's room...a dresser, a lamp or two, maybe some decor (unless we reuse what was in Liam's room), and a few other items. Plus, there is actually clearing out the room intended for the baby. It's currently a craft room, with bookshelves lining one wall, and craft bins and shelves lining the other wall. All those need to be moved out of there, which means re-cleaning the computer room to make room for it (somehow it got a lot of extra clutter in it again). Then when the room is cleared out, I am considering re-carpeting it (it's soft, but has bulges/wrinkles in it and is a weird green-blue color), and probably repainting the walls in something neutral (we tend to let the furniture, carpet, decor and extras put the colors/theme in the room). I'd like to get all of that done by the middle/end of March, so that I have (hopefully) most of April to just take it easy...and knit. I am okay if all I have to do is knit a lot.
Any volunteers to help with moving stuff around, repainting walls, etc.?

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