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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Baby blanket info

I just realized I never posted more info about the baby blanket. How much yarn it takes, what yarn, etc. Although I guess it would be nice to post that with the pattern as well. But in case I forget with the impending baby...I already have the pattern saved off, just not the amount of yarn, so maybe I should post that here anyway.

Well, to tell you the truth, I don't really know how much yarn I actually used. I had 8 skeins of the Bernat Satin yarn, but didn't come anywhere close to using all of that. I had that much because of all the different colors and because I worked with separate skeins for each of the sections, instead of cutting off huge lengths of yarn to work each square separately. I would have had to have knit up a square and then undo it and measure how much yarn that took, so that I knew how long one length of yarn needed to be. I didn't feel like doing that much measuring and such. So I just dealt with full skeins, and since it's the same yarn I use for baby hats, I didn't really have an issue with having so much left over. But, if I were to guess, I would say that I probably used about 1 to 1.5 skeins of Sage (light green) and Camel (tan) each, for the 6 squares that were done in each color. Probably only one skein of the silk (white). So, you MIGHT be able to get away with three different skeins, but probably safer to have two skeins each of the colors, so 5 skeins total. If you were doing all the squares in one color, then probably only 3 skeins of color, so 4 skeins total. Again, though, I am just going on what I had left over and knowing that I started with some of the skeins already broken into. I didn't have time to measure how much was used (don't know how anyone does). Unless you have an objection to having yarn left over, I would get extra to be safe. And like I said, unless you are going to measure out how much yarn is needed for a square and cut off lengths of yarn for each square you are doing, then it kind of becomes more necessary to have 8 skeins.

This DOES also make the project hard to transport, and CAN be a tangled mess if you don't manage it correctly. I found the best way to address it was to sew little fabric drawstring bags (big enough to hold a Bernat Satin skein of yarn comfortably), and put a skein in each one. So I had 7 bags total (of different colors, to tell the ordering better). I sit on a chair very low to the ground (we have one of those gamer console/rocker things), with the bags neatly arranged on either side of me, in order. I would start with one color, and then when I got to the next and twisted the two yarns over each other to lock them together, I would just grab the appropriate bag and move it around the other bag, so that a tangle didn't start to form. As I moved across the row, I would make sure I did this for every color change, so that at the end the bags were still in order and no yarn strands were crossed over each other. Then I would flip my work and all the bags around in opposite order, and start again. A bit tedious, but once I got up a rhythm it worked well, and it was definitely better (for me) than dealing with a tangled mess or having to measure and cut lengths of yarn (like huge intarsia). And in the end, it all worked out.

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