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Saturday, April 30, 2011

One week postpartum

Just wanted to throw in a quick update, letting everyone know I am alive. I am actually spending most of my free laptop time trying to work on blog entries on Maia's blog, to show off more pictures of her. But I don't want to neglect this blog either.
So, it's one week since I've had Maia. I am actually feeling much better today. I was hurting up until yesterday evening, but then suddenly I started feeling much better. Less hurting, less aching, more sanity. So today I am feeling more human...still less sore, feeling like I can handle things a bit more. Even with the lack of sleep (insomnia has hit me for some reason...just what I need, in an already limited-sleep situation).

Thought I would include a belly picture, to continue with the pregnancy theme. Just to show where I am one week after delivery. Soon I want to start working on getting rid of the excess belly skin, but I am surprised at how quickly things have gone away in just a week.

(Sorry for the crappy quality, realized after the fact that the camera was on the wrong setting. Oh well. Hides my exhaustion. Heh)

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