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Friday, April 1, 2011

Close to done

Just wanted to share the latest progress with the baby blanket, as I am nearing it's finish. It's over 3/4 of the way done, and if I can just keep knitting pretty steadily on it, hopefully I will be finished knitting by the end of the weekend. Then there are just the million ends to weave in (okay, probably about 32 more, since I DID manage to weave in a chunk of them these last two days). And then a crocheted edge (like was done with Liam's blanket), and blocking it. Then I am done. So, hopefully by the middle of next week it will be blocking/drying.
And then the baby can come! Woo hoo!

Oh yeah...the it is:

As you can see, it has four rows of alternating neutral-colored squares. I am partway into the fourth row of squares, and then there is just the white final border after that. I am very much liking how this blanket is coming out, and I will have to post the pattern at some point. I am sure other knitters would be interested. I can say it's a bit of a pain given that when doing the colored rows, I am juggling 7 skeins of yarn around trying to prevent them from getting tangled. I have a technique all worked out, but it works best sitting down low to the ground with the yarn around me, and isn't a very nice traveling project. The white is moss stitch pattern, and the colored squares are seed stitch. I'll have to figure out how much yarn is actually used, but to make it easier on me, I just used full skeins for the juggling part, instead of figuring out how much yarn I needed for the individual squares and cutting off smaller chunks. So I have 8 skeins total, but will have a good amount left over. But then, that's fine for me, because this yarn is the same yarn I use to knit baby hats and there are always friends/family having babies. In fact, I have two coming up very soon. *smile*

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