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Friday, April 8, 2011

Night from hel...ummm...heck..

No, I am not in labor yet. Just getting really close. But kind of wish I had woken up in labor, because then I would be done at this point and the misery I am going through would be over with.
Last night I had horrible trouble sleeping. My left hip bothers me like crazy. I think it's a mixture of loose ligaments/muscles, bad posture (even though I use several pillows between my knees), and pressure points. So after a while, I can no longer lay on my left side, due to the shooting pain in my hip, butt, and thigh. So I roll over to my right side. But now I can't stay on that side for very long, because my heart does not like it...starts racing, and I get out of breath, and feel very uncomfortable. Hard to explain, but usually I can't last more than a few minutes. So then I flip back over to my left side again, wait for my heart to calm down and hope that my hip had enough of a break in those few minutes that I can get back to sleep again. But not so last night. My hip was screaming in pain, and nothing I did made it feel better, except standing up, or laying on my right side...neither of which let me sleep. And on top of that, I was starving, so my growling stomach wouldn't let me sleep. And the baby kept getting hiccups. So even if I COULD manage to get my leg into a position that worked for a bit, I couldn't fall asleep due to baby hiccups or hunger. Eventually I moved down to the couch, which had a squishier surface and seemed to allow me to fall asleep, with a little bit of relief from my hip. Had to wait for the baby to stop hiccuping, but managed to fall asleep. I should have eaten something, but I was way too tired to get up and think about what to eat and then chew whatever it was I decided on. Ugh. I try to eat right before I go to bed, but it doesn't seem to help now. Guess the baby is gathering all the energy it can for the end, now.

Ugh...I am about to put Liam down for a nap (not that he naps) and I think I am going to attempt to take a nap as well. At least rest. I need it. More now than ever. I really don't want to labor in this tired state. Bleh.

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