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Monday, April 11, 2011

One more week to go! (supposedly)

Well, here I am, at 39 weeks. This is as far as I got with Liam...and I may be further along with this baby now. But with Liam I was induced, so all bets are off...who knows when I would have actually gone into labor with him if they had let things be.
Still, even though I have another week left, and could technically go as late as 2 weeks (before they evict the baby on their own), I am getting really antsy as each day goes by and nothing has happened. I am ready to have this baby. Mentally I am both ready and not ready. The part of me that knows it will change our lives again, and we won't be the three-member family dynamic we currently are (and that I love), that part isn't quite ready...don't know that it ever will be until after we have the baby. It's that same part of a new parent that is never QUITE ready to have that new baby. But the part of me that is thinking about the labor/birth itself and other things is definitely ready...I don't want to think about it anymore, wonder what it will be like, worry about the things that are there to be worried about...I am ready to be done with. I am ready to have this baby and be done thinking about that part...I want to get to the part where I get to share my wonderful experience.

Physically, I am DEFINITELY ready. I am more uncomfortable now than ever. I am sore most of the time, out of breath, and tired a lot. I am taking daily walks now in an effort to convince this baby it's time to come out, and usually I have to stop a few times to deal with the baby pushing/bouncing on my cervix and lower ligaments (which results in stabbing pains that sometimes make me double over). I can only sit in certain positions without either feeling totally sore or having my heart flutter uncomfortably. I now sleep on the couch, because it's the only place that I seem to avoid the hip pain, but the extra squishyness of the couch that helps with that also makes my back more uncomfortable. And I feel alienated sleeping downstairs all by myself. I've had a few "weird" things happening that seem to indicate that I could be going into labor and they get me all perked up, but then nothing comes of it. I go to bed half expecting to wake up in labor, but then morning comes...and nothing. More lower pain, nesting spurts, much stronger Braxton Hicks and more of them, my system cleaning itself out, nausea. But apparently it's nothing. Because that stuff has been happening on and off for 4 days and nothing yet.

I know I should be so antsy...and I probably wouldn't be so much, if it weren't for my doula, Jodi, and my sister both leaving on the 15th. Jodi especially is the one that has me feeling slightly rushed/worried, because I really want her to be around when I go into labor (yeah, I know, I need to not be dependent on her being there...she is leaving me in the capable hands of one of her back-ups). For the four days she will be gone, I will be worried about going into labor and not having her there. So I would rather the baby came sooner so I don't have that extra stress/worry. And my sister is gone for an entire week. Not that she was going to be at the labor, but I know she wants to see the baby as soon as it's born, not have to wait potentially a whole week. But there you have it...that's why I am so anxious for this baby to come early...and not just a few days early, but at least 4 days early. Otherwise, aside from a smaller size, there isn't much reason to rush.
But, baby will come when baby is ready. I am just trying to convince Baby that Baby is ready NOW. Heh. Liam is even telling the baby to come out now, that it's safe out here, that it's cozy and nice. :) Totally cute.

SO....send those labor vibes my way! Preferably quick, natural ones. (I am going for a 3-6 hour labor here, very manageable).

Okay, official baby info:
Your Baby This Week
If you're not in labor at this very moment, you will be soon! And as anxious as you are to meet your little angel, he is just as excited to enter the world.
Even at this late stage, your baby is still growing, now to around 7 pounds (3.5 kg) and 22 (56 cm) inches. All of baby's organs (except the lungs) are fully developed, along with toenails, fingernails, and muscles in his arms and legs. At this point, babies can become entangled in their umbilical cords. If this should happen, don't worry. In most cases it's not dangerous. And contrary to rumor, it's not caused by anything you did.

Your Body This Week
Although your tummy is larger than you could have imagined, you may actually feel more comfortable in your body than you have in a while. That's because your baby has dropped further down into your pelvis, relieving additional pressure. This change has also caused your center of gravity to shift suddenly, so you may lose your balance more easily or have difficulty standing upright, particularly when getting out of a chair. Take extra care of yourself - you have a baby to deliver very soon!

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